Permanent projects

     Parent's House

Due to the deficiency of personal from hospitals, quite often the parent becomes also the nurse of her/his child, besides her/his role as moral upholder. A child treated with cytostatics, Prednison and similar drugs, with side effects known well by many, is very weak and his appetite is almost non-existent.Inaugurarea Casei Parintilor As a result, the child needs constant care.
The parent is the one who feeds and keeps clean her/his child while in hospital. Sometimes the parent is the one who surveys the administration of the drugs in time.
And when they share the room with an orphan child (like Ionut, Alina or Stefana), they become the temporary foster parents of this one. Also the parents are the ones who survey the hygiene of their child during hospitalization, by asking to the personnel to clean the room and to change the laundry.


In spite of all these, nowhere in Romania you will find a place in hospitals reserved for the relaxation of the parents. This relaxation meaning 20 minutes of resting in an armchair while your child sleeps. It's no way for them to have a shower after a night spent near the bed of her/his child.

To help the parents for this purpose, we succeeded in creating a resting house for them, where they can come and stay for free during the treatment of their child. This house was opened in October 1998, in the presence of the Romanian president and of other visitors from abroad.
   Since the beginning Parents House registered over 1200 entries, parents and children. This house has three dorms prepared with all the necessary things and a playroom for children. These are part of a five-room flat, the fifth room being the office of P.A.V.E.L.

   The flat was bought and furnished by the Dutch foundation Kinderen in Nood, from Bussum and offered with rent free to Association P.A.V.E.L., to be used for the program Parents' House.

   We hope that this flat will be donated in one day to our organization - to guarantee for long term the existence of the Parents' House or even, the organization will get - for the same purpose - a larger space, with a small garden.

       Frank, Evelina, Fiona and Nelu                               Andreea Marin in visit at P.A.V.E.L. house

  Partener for the Parents' House project in 2006 and 2007 is the company
ROCHE Pharmaceuticals

    P.A.V.E.L. Resources and Services Center


    The Resources and Services Center is the result of the partnership between the Association P.A.V.E.L. and the Oncologic Institute "Prof. Dr. Alex Trestioreanu" Bucharest, a partnership having as a goal the diversification of the services provided to the children with cancer and to their families and the strenghtening of the public/private institutional framework for action in the field of cancer.
    This project is being run within the framework of the Project "Building the Future for the Children of Romania", financed by The International Union Against Cancer (U.I.C.C., www.uicc.org) and by the Pharmaceutical Company sanofi aventis, France.

    The opening of the P.A.V.E.L. Center of Resources and Services for the ill children and their families (on the 5th of June 2007) was a success, being present: parents, medical staff, the representative of sanofi aventis Romania company (Dr. Carmen Mihai), members of P.A.V.E.L., representatives of mass media, other people. After that date, there were also other interviews given to TV chanels  and magazines about this Center.
     This could happen thanks to the extraordinary support recieved:
 - the financial support - from Sanofi Aventis company and UICC (which helped the Center to be refurbished and equiped, as well as covered the salaries of the team),
, from IWA (some items for refurbishing and some pieces of equipment), from ROMTELECOM (2 free telephone lines and internet), from Orange (for mobiles)
donated books, DVDs, toys and other materials from organizations and private people ;
 - the training (given by the team: Susan George, Jane Lewis, Lesley Nicol, Cassie and Megan) and the printed materials - from CLIC Sargent foundation (big thanks to Geoff Thaxter), as well as the support recieved from Hospice Casa Sperantei, from Brasov; thanks to the printed materials recieved from ECPC and Eurochild.
 - the encouragement - from a lot of people from Romania and abroad
 - also thanks to the very kind and constant support of some volunteers from Romania: Mona Gotteszman, Ema-Elza Seclaman, Anca Poroineanu, Dana Hadareanu, Adriana Dumitrescu, Renela Diaconescu, Camelia Demeter, Carmen Sava, Frank Cridland, Mariana Zamfirescu, Paraschiva Spanu, Maria Sornea,...
 - and thanks to the support of the Oncological Institute "Prof. Dr. Alexandru Trestioreanu" from Bucharest (represented by Mrs. Dr. Nicoleta Manu, Manager and Mrs. Dr. Monica Dragomir, the Chief of the Pediatrics Ward),
 - as well as thanks to the support given by Mrs. Dr. Carmen Mihai (the representative of Sanofi Aventis Romania).
     Big thanks to Mrs. Laura Ivancioiu Ionita (from "Deci se poate") for press monitoring.

     A good description in this moment of our work is through some images - taken the long of this perriod, from March (when started the preparation of the place, where there is the Center) till present.
     Already the team is working there with patients and families  and everybody is welcoming this project.

    The event generated 20 presentations in mass media:

 1 presentation at TV (Prima TV)
in Newspapers (Atac, Adevarul, Evenimentul Zilei (2 articles), Jurnalul National, Romania Libera)
 2 presentations at Radio (Radio Romania Actualitati, Radio Bucuresti)
 7 presentations on-line (www.atac.ro, www.adevarul.ro, www.evz.ro (2 stiri), www.romanialibera.ro, www.stiri24.ro, www.topsanatate.ro)
 4 at Press agencies (NewsIn (2 stiri), Rompres, Mediafax)

 Possibilly, it will be other 15 future presentations of this event,  3 of them at TV.

Cristina showing the way to Center   The official opening of the Center                Cristina, Iulia, Simona and Olga
                                              Parents, children and staff at P.A.V.E.L. Center

   The address of P.A.V.E.L. Resources and Services Center is:
Oncologic Institute "Prof. Dr. Alex. Trestioreanu" (ground floor, room 116, next to the Chapel), Şoseaua Fundeni Nr. 252 Sector 2, Bucureşti, cod 022338

    Phone / fax: +40 (21) 311 27 00
Phone: +40 (21) 318 32 69,
interior: 1551

   In September, it will start to function a Helpline telephone, thanks to the generous sponsorship of ROMTELECOM company, who offered for free use also another telephone line and internet.

The presentation of the project: "Building the Future for the Children of Romania" (in short)

1.    Background / Country situation:
Cancer is at the present time an important public health issue, being the second cause of death in Romania.
More than 40,000 people die yearly of cancer, while more than 45,000 new cases are diagnosed.
Ignorance, lack of information for the public, seconded by a limited commitment of the authorities in the field lead to a late diagnose of the disease and, subsequently, the treatment becomes extremely costly, aggressive, involving more sufferance both for the patient and his or her family.
Also, in almost 75% of the cases, healing is not possible any more. For this reason, the public perception is wrong, making out of cancer a merciless diagnosis, the equivalent of a death sentence.

Cancer is also an important cause of death for children or teenagers.
The types of cancer developed in a child are different than the one in an adult, as location, frequency, histological types and treatment, needing, therefore, a different approach. But, as in the adults’ case, early diagnose represents the essential premises for healing, being a clinically proved fact that the early diagnosed tumors in children can be cured in 80-90% of the cases. Treatment is though, a long-term one, in many cases the patient needing to be admitted in the hospital together with a family member.

Crashed by a terrible diagnosis, children and parents find themselves together in a critical situation they don’t know how to manage. Children are taken apart from their group of friends; in many cases, they can’t go to kindergarten or school or, if they go, they are treated somehow different. Above all these, they also have to deal with the pain or the inconveniences caused by the treatment and the fact that they spent so long in the hospital, confined to their beds, generates agitation, nervousness. Changes in their physical appearance also generate frustration. Parents don’t know how to cope with this situation, either emotionally or financially. They live through this traumatizing experience with no information concerning the disease, the proper treatment, the living conditions required in these cases or the legal rights of the children in this situation.

In the European Union, services for patients, especially those with an incurable or a long-term cure disease, take into account all the aspects dealing with the life quality or the social aspects involved. In Romania, there is no systemic, coherent thinking on approaching patients’ complex needs, medical policy restraining itself to providing medical assistance and treatment. Also, there is not inter-institutions cooperation on the problems of this type of patients.

By the nature of its field, PAVEL Association is the only organization that got itself involved in supporting families of children with cancer, who are receiving medical treatment in Bucharest (the onco and hematology pediatrics clinics from here are treating children and teenagers from a large area of Romania) and among the few NGOs working for cancer patients, in the country.
Therefore, PAVEL Association is for a long time concerned with all these issues.

Within PAVEL, it is known that only good information makes the difference between a healing treatment and a treatment that only postpones the unavoidable. PAVEL knows about the need for support for children with cancer and for their families and knows also that, in order to make a real difference, a change has to be done in the national medical policy.

Considering all these aspects, PAVEL Association has as a goal to involve in delivering information to the public and in making the public aware of the signs and symptoms that may occur in an early stage of the disease and which, if considered, may lead to an early diagnose of cancer. PAVEL Association wants also to deliver to those interested information on the possible types of treatment, on the services provided in Romania and also on the rights of the children with cancer.
Within the frame of this project, PAVEL wants also to provide counseling and support services for both children with cancer and their families. All these could be coordinated from a resources and services center opened in the Oncology Institute, which is in the same yard with the Clinical Hospital Fundeni, from Bucharest.

This location was chosen considering that, among the hospitals with pediatric oncology wards from Bucharest, the Clinical Hospital Fundeni provides medical care for an important number of children and teenagers from all over the country. Weekly, about 120 children with ages from 1 to 19 years are treated in the pediatric hematology ward of the hospital (the Paediatrics Clinics 1 and 2), and in the Oncology Institute, at the Pediatrics ward about 60 children are treated weekly. The third hospital, which is in another location of Bucharest and where there is also an oncology ward, is : Emergency Clinical Hospital for Children "Maria Sklodowska Curie" (known also as Budimex), which provides treatment for about 50 children weekly.

PAVEL Association thinks that the approach in such a complex and sensitive field as the issue of children with cancer needs cooperation and commitment from the part of as many actors that may have an important part in shaping and enforcing proper, even practices, according to the European requirements and standards. Therefore, the goal of PAVEL Association, through this project, is to facilitate the cooperation between authorities and NGOs, to promote good practices, allowing emerging initiatives that would reinforce the institutional framework in providing care for children with cancer at national level.

We think that, through the enclosed activities, the project is more than helpful for children with cancer and their families, properly meeting their needs, reinforces the institutional cooperation, promotes good practices, supports the experience exchange, capitalizes and spreads the existing experience. By spreading the specific information, it plays a part also in the early diagnose of cancer in children, significantly increasing the healing chances, and it also plays a part in the mentality change both of the patients and of their communities.

2.  Objectives
The goal of the project is the improvement of the grade of information and awareness of the parents, professionals, organizations and public, on the issue of children cancer.

Objective nr. 1 Diversification of the resources for parents, professionals, organizations and public, on the issue of children cancer.
Objective nr. 2: Increase of the information and awareness level of parents, professionals and public in Romania on the prevention, treatment and services available in the field of children cancer.
Objective nr. 3: Reinforcement of the public-private institutional framework and sensitizing of the professionals, authorities and public, in order to observe and promote the rights of the child with cancer.

3.    Description of the project
The project is expected to stimulate a change in the manner in which the Romanian parents, proffesionals and authorities respond to cancetr issues and to provide direct services through the Resources and Services Centre and practical guidance in designing local action plans to address this problem through partnership in Romania. It will also raise awareness of the professionals and policy makers on the importance of acting in timely manner ways that complement and coordinate interventions addressing health problems in Romania. In addition, it will increase the expertise and visibility and will prove the effectiveness of coherent actions of the P.A.V.E.L. Association and its partner through Centre activities.

The general strategy of the project is based on the creation and consolidation of a Resource and Services Center, a partnership between a NGO, association of parents of children affected by cancer (PAVEL Association) and a public institution, a hospital (Oncologic Institute) and a good communication and dissemination of information on cancer prevention and treatment. This Center will represent a milestone both for the parents of children with cancer who benefit from the services provided by the hospital, coming from all over the country, for the professionals in the field and for the public. The Center will be run by a multi-disciplinary team, which will set an example of coordination and cooperation in Romania on the issue of children with cancer.
The advocay actions aiming the local and central authorities are, therefore, an essential part of this project. Our goal is that parents and children, beneficiaries of PAVEL Association and of the hospitals mentioned above would have an essential part in the activities of this project.

Sustainability objectives:
·    Attract national and international support in the form of donations, grants and exchange of experience for the development of the Resource Centers for Cancer in Romania in the next three years;
·    Promote the work and results of the Resource Center at the local and national level, especially in relationship with hospitals, Universities, national companies and government and attract their support for further developing this Resource Center and others in Romania;
·    Continue to attract professionals and parents in order to generate and mobilize local resources on a continuous and growing basis to address community level needs.

The partner of the project is : Oncologic Institute, from Bucharest. It is possible, as future partners of this project to be also : CLINICAL INSTITUTE FUNDENI, Paediatrics, EMERGENCY CLINICAL HOSPITAL FOR CHILDREN  "Maria Sklodowska Curie"

The activities within the project are thought in order to meet actual needs, identified at the level of the target population and at community level and to secure reaching the goals with efficient, long-term results.
Activity 1: Establishing the Resources and Services Center in the field of children cancer.
Activity 2: Establishing, updating and developing a database.
The database will be constantly updated and developed and the information will be accessible both directly in the Resources in Services Center and through the site that will be developed within the framework of this project.
Activity 3: Organizing a Library/Video Library
Within the Resources and Services Center, a library/vide library will be organized, containing materials useful both to children with cancer, their families, staff in the field, and also to those interested in developing formation activities in the field, needing documentation.
Activity 4: Creating the Website
The website of PAVEL Association will be improved and developed by adding a website component of the Resources and Services Center, emphasizing two elements: database and discussion forum.
Activity 5: Establishing and functioning of a Cancer Help Line
Activity 6: Providing direct support services to children and parents
Within the frame of the project, PAVEL Association, together with the multi-disciplinary team of the Resources and Services Center in the field of children cancer, will provide the following types of services:
-    Social assistance and counseling;
-    Psychological assistance and counseling;
-    Legal
-    Support groups for parents and “school for parents” type of services;
-    “Respiro” type services (free accomodation, recreative activities,..);
-    Facilitating contacts with doctors and clinics from abroad.
Activity 7: Making off and disseminating information materials
The topics of these materials will approach: 1) prevention of children cancer (favoring factors, prevention means, etc.), 2) early diagnose, 3) treatment available in the world and in Romania, 4) services provided in Romania and any other needed materials.
Activity 8: Awareness raising activities
Through awareness raising policies, policy makers, public authorities, media and other stakeholders will be exposed and will learn about prevention of children cancer and about the issue of children with cancer, being in direct communication with PAVEL Association and its members, parents and collaborators. This way, we think that there will be the opportunities and premises for decision making considering the existing needs and priorities.
Activity 9: Organizing a seminar with representatives of Romanian cancer organizations, in order to mobilize local resources and to elaborate an action plan.
Activity 10: Organizing a national conference (February 15)
Organizing a national conference will mark the culmination of the project, because it will create the opportunity to present the results of the project, the prevention and improvement of the situation of children with cancer in Romania and it will create a formal frame for a dialogue between all the actors involved, both in the public and private sector. 

    Informing the parents of the children suffering of cancer

We try to bring the doctors and the parents to understand the child needs. Also, to educate and advise the parents of their rights. We try to give to parents moral, material and informative support;
Many parents don't understand what is happening to their child and they don't know how to fight.
    Unfortunately, the hospitals have not the necessary staff to educate the parents and their children how to deal with the new and painful situation.

That is why we published four medical booklets for parents, 1000 pieces each. The permission for translating and publishing these booklets (per total 55 pieces) was given for free to Mrs. Olga Cridland, the president of the association, by CANCER BACKUP foundation from United Kingdom and the necessary amount for publishing by association AIDRom from Romania. The German group Evangelisch - lutherische Kirchengemeinde from Harsefeld published 2000 books for children. All these booklets are available for parents and children, for free.


Controlul dureriiLeucemia acuta limfoblasticaChemo-AschiutaTerapii complementareCancerul mamar

Periodical projects

   Buying medicines for the parents

     Our association tries to help the families of children ill of cancer by buying those medicines needed in the treatment of the these children and which are missing from hospitals, and due to their high price they can't be bought directly by parents. For buying these medicines, during the years, we received the help of Ordre de Malte and PAVEL France, of Kinderen in Nood from the Netherlads, Health Aid UK, Een Haerz fir Kriibskrank Kanner from Luxembourg etc.
   We have created also a site: www.asociatiapavel.home.ro   which have the same role of informing and communication. We try to help any parent or young person who asks our advice, moral support or information.

    Assuring the food for the parents from the hospital

    For the past years, we succeeded in providing the food for the parents and children found in P.A.V.E.L. House and in hospitals.
    Every two-three weeks, from September 2000 to 2003, a group of volunteers distributes meat products to the parents from hospitals, using these occasions for talking with them and finding out their problems. The food is sponsored by Raffaello-Antefrig S.R.L., from Bucharest.

   Material help for the families with children ill of cancer

    Through the agency of P.A.V.E.L. several families and other people in need (poor, with handicap, affected by floods,..) received help consisting in food, clothes, shoes, toys, wheel chairs, etc.


Occasional projects

     Improving the endowment of onco-paediatrics clinics

     With the help of foundation Kinderen in Nood, there were organised seven transports with furniture
and medical equipment for the hospitals Fundeni (153 813 NLG) and 'Maria Sklodowska Curie' (19 710 NLG) , but also with goods for other Romanian associations and foundations. The German organisation, Evangelisch-lutherische Kirchengemeinde has donated the necessary amount for buying refrigerators for hospital Fundeni.
     In 2003, 2004 and 2005, at our advice, the Foundation Kinderen in Nood has offered a very generous support, material and financial, for the endowment of the "Intensive Therapy" section, from the hospital Victor Gomoiu, from Bucharest.

Transport Fundeni 1


    Helping the parents by contacting different hospitals and clinics

     Our association tries to help parents by contacting the hospitals and different clinics from abroad in order to help them provide to their children the best medical help.

    We got treatment abroad free of charge for 6 children, ill of cancer, thanks to the local organizations, church and authorities.

     Also, we helped many other ill children and young people to get in touch with different clinics or doctors and we learnt their families what and how to do to get there; we supported them in their fight to get the money for the needed treatment or operation.
    We also try to link our doctors with doctors from other countries, to share their knowledge and experience.

Loredana, before to leave for treatment

   Participation at campaigns and actions in the favor of cancer patients and hospitals

  •      The Association P.A.V.E.L. has participated in a fund-raising event in co-operation with the "Surprize, Surprize" show company and with the extraordinary contribution of Mrs. Andreea Marin, which took place on the Romanian television channel, TVR1, on the 11th of September 2004.
The fund - raising is done for the developing of the Romanian medical system, in order to realize the bone marrow transplant, for the cancer patients.

    The following up results on April 2005 were: all the money (6,295, 402, 913 lei meaning almost 179, 869 Euro, including the interest, too) collected in the fund - raising (the Campaign "Pretuieste viata") - done for the developing of the Romanian medical system in order to realise the bone marrow transplant for the cancer patients - were transfered on the 06.04.2005, from the special (campaign) accounts of the Association P.A.V.E.L. (opened for this occasion) into the accounts of the three
bone marrow transplant units from Romania, from Bucharest, Timisoara and Targu Mures (Clinica III - Compartimentul de Transplant Medular al Spitalului Clinic de Urgenta pentru Copii „Louis Turcanu”, Timisoara, Departamentul de Hemato-Oncologie si Transplant Medular al Institutului Clinic Fundeni, Bucuresti si Clinica de Hematologie si Transplant Medular al Spitalului Clinic Judetean de Urgenta, Targu Mures). Each unit received the same amount of money.

  •    In November 2005, we have participated in Bucharest, at the invitation of other cancer patients' organizations from Romania, members of the Federation of the Cancer Patients' Organisations - at the “Caravana Bolnavului de Cancer” (Cancer Patient Caravan), which had as purpose to make aware the public over the difficulties in the treatment of the cancer patients, in Romania.
  •    In 2005, we have offered breast prosthesis (got from a generous donation from SKIN, Holland) to over 350 ladies, cancer patients.

     30 of these were donated to the organization ABC from Brasov, for the cancer patients.
in the last years, there were donated wiggs and wheel chairs to children and adults,  thanks to the generous contribution of the foundation SKIN, of an Irish foundation and recently, thanks to an organization from USA (Broken Heart).

  •    Beginning with 2003, the day of 15th February is considered the International Childhood Cancer Day .

     Events concerning this occasion may be run for up to a month around this date.
     The purpose of the International Childhood Cancer Day is to:

     - help educate the public about childhood cancer;

     - support local fund-raising by members of ICCCPO (the International Confederation of Childhood Cancer Parent Organizations);

     - provide international sponsorship of ICCCPO.

    First time, we celebrated the Childhood Cancer International Day, on 15 January 2002, at the National Operetta Theater from Bucharest, with a concert having as extraordinary guest, Baroness Emma Nicholson.
     Since then, each year, we organize celebration in hospitals (also at P.A.V.E.L. Association House) inviting known artists or sportives and offering presents to children; also drawing competitions with prizes, etc.

  •    In partnership with the Charitable Society "Blythswood" Romania, Association P.A.V.E.L. organized a charitable concert named "Vreau sa Traiesc" for the ill children from hospital M.S.Curie, from Bucharest. At this concert have performed some known musical Romanian bands and singers: PROCONSUL, MOROMETZII and STIGMA who presented a very appreciated performance by public !

Images from the charitable concert for the children with leukemia, from Budimex hospital

  •    Since 1997, one or more representatives of the Association P.A.V.E.L. and survivors have participated each year at the International Conference of ICCCPO (The International Confederation of Childhood Cancer Parent Organizations), where we made a strong lobby for the Romanian children with cancer, we made useful contacts with other organizations, parents, doctors, companies. One ofthe results was the financial aid for buying needed medicines for the ill children, received in 2001 from the parents organization, from Luxembourg.

  Marianne Naafs-Wilstra, Olga, Tuta and Mariana, at the Conference of ICCCPO, from Amsterdam

     Emotional support, educational and entertainment activites

   The long of the years we have developed different activites of entertainment (trips,  drawings exhibitons, Easter, Christmas and other celebrations activities developed in the oncological / hematological wards), playtherapy and educational activities in order to help children and families cope with the challenges they face daily.
   We noticed the following benefits:

   Reduced pain and distress
   A reduction in the fear and isolation of a prolonged illness
   A greater willingness to return for treatment
   An increased sense of peer support
   Increased knowledge and sense of responsibility for managing disease
   Much needed distraction from the challenges that accompany their illness
   Increased ability to cope with their disease


   Trips with ill children

.   We try as best as possible to give to the children a better quality of life to make them strong and fight themselves for the future.
     Family activities and outings, offered regularly to give families a chance to have fun together away from the hospital so they can relax, regroup and return home with a renewed sense of strength and hope.  The events also forge connections between families struggling with similar issues to combat isolation.

    Last three years, we took 25 children, together with their parents in trips into the mountains, for three days - and we noticed that in a such a short time, the children became closer together and stronger in their attitude to their illness.
In other words, it gave them a will to fight.
   We hope to repeat these again the next years and we hope to be able to organise in a nice and clean area, a camp, specially for them and to get for this a small house with garden and a minibus.

   In October 2001, our association organised with the help of IWA (Romania) a three-days tour trip in Baia de Fier - Polovragi area. At this trip
11 children participated and they visited two caves, several monasteries and a potery centre from that region.
    In 2002, we have organised another four - days tour trip for the ill children and their parents, on the route: Năvodari, Cetatea Histria – Vulcanii Noroioşi - Bisoca – Poiana Braşov - Bran.

Excursie Polovragi 1Excursie Polovragi 2Excursie Polovragi 3
      In the last three years, on the 17th of December, at the invitation of the ABC organization, from Brasov we have participated together with children, cancer survivors and their parents at a Concert for Cancer Survivors Day, at Opera Theater.


                                    Images from Survivors Day 2005, celebrated at Brasov

    Exhibitions with drawings of the ill children

    In June 2001, P.A.V.E.L. organised two drawing exhibitions which took place at Connex (on 4th June) and at British Embassy from Bucharest.

Expozitie Ambasada Marii BritaniiExpozitie - premierea


    Playrooms in hospitals  (permanent program)

    The playrooms are designed to ease the loneliness, fear and boredom that accompany long hospital stays. They provide children with an inviting place to play, relax and connect.  Additionally, we brought fun-filled special events involving musicians, clowns and other entertainers to pediatric hospital patients - even those who are bedridden - to provide a morale boost and important social interaction.
   Also, we tried to offer emotional support to children and parents and to help the children with educational activities, for easier reintegration in their school program.  

Thanks to the financial and logistic support given by the company of nurseries, Happy Times (HTC Healthcare), from London, we have started in 2002 to set up (new refurbished) playrooms in two hospitals (M. S. Curie and Oncology Institute) from Bucharest.
    With the help of a British play – therapist, Miss Fiona Alexander, sent by the company Happy Times, there were taught some local carers and parents the importance of play in rehabilitation.The company Happy Times employed a Romanian playtherapist, Maria Ionescu, for one year, 2003, for the playroom from the hospital M. S. Curie.
    In 2004 and 2005, the activity at this playroom was done with the help of few voluntters: Crina Nedelcu (paid in kind with free accomodation) and then  in 2006,
Anca Marin (for 12 hours / week) and Crina Nedelcu (for 3 hours / week).
    From April 2006, thanks to the kind support received from Joshua Foundation (UK), we could pay (part- time) two playtherapists (for the same playroom, from M.S. Curie hospital): Anca Marin and Mihai Scarlat.
    In 2007, the activity was developed with the help of
Anca Marin (first 3 months), Mihai Scarlat and of the volunteer Maria Toscano (Portugal); from June, we got the help of Camelia Demeter, who is now playtherapist at Oncologic Institute and recently, the team enlarged with another playtherapist, for the hospital M.S.Curie (Budimex), Raluca Elena Tanase.
    Also, it have joined four new volunteers: Luciana Ionica (survivor), Ana - Maria Hartauca (survivor), Camelia Gavril and Oana, for playtherapy at Budimex hospital!
Camelia Demeter is helped also by four students from Psychology Faculty and by Florentina Dan, as volunteers.

    From May 2007, thanks to the Foundation Kinderen in Nood, we can pay part - time salary  for a playtherapist for this playroom and also, thanks to a private person, we can pay also a part - time salary  for a playtherapist for Oncological Institute. 

    In 2003, at the hospital V. Gomoiu from Buharest, it was completly refurbished another playroom, with the help of our volunteer, Mr. Frank Cridland and material support from foundation Kinderen in Nood.
    For two months, Angharad Davies from Swansea, South Wales, student at Psychology Faculty in Cardiff worked as volunteer at the playroom from this hospital (she helped us furher on through contacts in UK, for getting funds for a playtherapist' salary, for 2006).
    In 2004, this room was transformed by the managers of the hospital, in a medical cabinet, loosing unfortunately this useful place for children.

    In 2007, thanks to the generous contribution of the company sanofi aventis, at the 5th level of the Oncological Institute "Prof. Dr. Alex. Trestioreanu", near the Pediatrics ward, we created: a new small Playroom and in the ward, two corners, one for the relaxation of the parents and other, for the play for those small children, who can' t leave the ward.
    With the generous help from
Foundation Kinderen in Nood, IWA, sanofi aventis, Mobexpert and a private person we refurbished /improved the playrooms from the hospital "M.S.Curie" (Budimex) and the  Oncological Institute, the relaxing corners for parents - at the oncological wards (from both hospitals), the P.A.V.E.L. Center, the P.A.V.E.L. House and the launch room for children from pediatrics (from Oncological Institute). Also we got the necessary educational materials for all these places.
    We got from private persons donations in toys, DVD, video -tapes, books  - and we thank to all!
    We thank to all mass media representatives for their support, starting with June 2007!
    Also, to all the volunteers who helped us to keep the activity going at the playrooms.

The playroom from 'Dr. V Gomoiu' hospital and Angharad as playtherapist, in 2003

Images from the playroom of oncology ward, 'M S Curie" (Budimex) hospital, from Bucharest


Organising festivities for children in hospitals

     Since the winter of 1995, we have organised each year Christmas and Easter celebrations with presents for the children found in the onco-paediatry clinics of hospitals Fundeni, 'Maria Sklodowska Curie', 'Victor Gomoiu', 'Grigore Alexandrescu' and Oncologic Institute 'Al. Trestioreanu' from Bucharest. We also used the occassion of International Childhood Cancer Day - to give gifts to the children from hospitals.

The celebration of Christmas 2005, in hospitals (Fundeni, Institute Oncological and Budimex)

Merry  Christmas and a Happy New  Year!


    On the 23nd  of  December 2004,  Olga Cridland,  Tuta Visescu,  Mariana Zamfirescu,  Cosmin Halmagi  and Frank  Cridland from the Association  P.A.V.E.L.  organized  the Christmas celebration  at the oncological and haematological paediatrics departments from the hospitals: Fundeni, Oncological Institute and M.S.Curie.
    Next days, it will be organized a similar event for the children of the members of the Association P.A.V.E.L..
   Father Christmas was Cosmin Halmagi.
   This celebration was organized together with Andreea Marin from  "Surprize, surprize"  TVR  program and  her team.     
Future projects

   P.A.V.E.L. Camp for children ill of cancer  (SMILES on WHEELES)

   We wish to buy a small house with garden, for a camp (or better said, a respite home), in a countryside area, but close by a medical center, where the ill children together with their family can spend a nice holiday. The costs would be much smaller comparing with other camps for the ill children, from abroad. For house and garden, the cost could be between 20,000  and 40,000 Euro (in 2006) and the costs for running the camp, could be around of 5,000 Euro /year (the rest, being covered by volunteers' work).

   Also, we wish to buy a mini-bus for children, for trips, for weekend events and for transporting (as an ambulance) very ill children or who died (of poor families) - at home, in province.

    Many similary camps (mostly, much larger and with very high costs) were realized with the support of known campanies (also pharmaceutical campanies) in: USA (most known: Paul Newman’s renowned The Hole in The Wall Gang Camp), Ireland (most known: Barretstown Gang Camp) , France (L'ENVOL, pour les enfants européens), in UK, USA, Australia and Canada (Camp Quality), in USA and Canada (KOA Care), in USA  (The Boggy Creek Gang Camp), Germany, Hungary, etc.

As founder Paul Newman says, "It's not that the children say, 'Thank you for a wonderful time...' it's that they say, 'Thank you for changing my life'."

Founded by Paul Newman, Barretstown camp opened in 1994.
The core summer programme is a unique 10-day therapeutic recreation experience.
Supervision is highly individualised with a minimum two-to-one ratio of children to carefully trained supervisors.
Children come to Barretstown from Ireland, Britain and throughout Europe, diagnosed with a wide range of illnesses - primarily cancer and serious blood diseases.
Barretstown's medical centre is staffed 24 hours a day by paediatric specialists and nurses.
Barretstown will have served over 11,000 individuals by the end of 2005 (for the past 10 years), having grown from serving 124 children in 1994.
Barretstown also provides spring and autumn programmes serving children and families.
Barretstown must raise nearly $5.3 million per year to provide this remarkable programme free of charge, including round trip transportation and impeccable medical supervision.

Around 700 children and their families who have benefited from Barretstown’s programmes over the past 10 years came back for a spectacular 10th birthday party with founder Paul Newman.
Over 11,000 children with cancer and other serious illnesses have taken part in Barretstown’s life-changing programmes since the charity was set up in 1994. Their stay and their airfares have all been provided free. Paul Newman was in party mode as he arrived to kick-start a day of ‘serious fun’ for past campers, their families, staff, volunteers and friends of the charity.
Party-goers were entertained by Fossets Circus, as well as music by Westlife tribute band Westlike, arts and crafts, face painting, games and bouncy castles. Families were invited to take a tour around Barretstown’s facilities, and for past campers it was a trip down memory lane.
Declan Noone, 21, from Creggs, Co Galway, came to Barretstown several times as a teenager and has now come back as a volunteer or ‘cara’ to help the children at camp. He joined Paul Newman on stage and presented him with a sculpted bronze lamp. The ‘Fairytree’ lamp made by Genesis of Mullingar, Co Westmeath, depicts a sad child at the base, a second child beginning to find their feet and a third reaching up towards the light—Declan said this shows the difference the Barretstown programme makes to a child.

He told the party audience: “I was here years ago as a camper and today, for the first time in about nine years, I saw two of my very first caras. I am still giddy and nervous about talking to them as they meant so much. The entire place has meant so much to me growing up and was so important because it has made me the person I am happy to be. Coming back has been incredibly special too. I want to say thank you to Paul from every single one of the families and all of the 10,000 children whom you have made happy over the last 10 years.”
To cheers from the crowd, Paul Newman accepted the sculpture and said: “One of the most incredible parts of all this is how much nourishment there is—how much nourishment we try to provide for all of you. But you give just as much to all of us by what you do.”

    Realising these projects was possible thanks to the donations and sponsorships received from private persons, organisations and companies from France, the Netherlands, Germany, UK, Luxembourg, Canada, Romania etc.
     We receive no state funding. We depend solely on the support of individuals and local or international business and organizations to help in our mission.
   On behalf of all the parents and ill children that received their help, we would like to thank in this way to our donors and sponsors:                                                  




the Netherlands

Kinderen in Nood
Vereniging 'Ouders, Kinderen en Kanker'


Een Haerz fir Kriibskrank Kanner

l'Ordre de Malte
PAVEL France  (Fr. Jean Dominique, Olivier de Kervenoael), soeur Alix

Evangelisch - lutherische Kirchengemeinde

Dawn and Eric Carter
Fondation Richelieu
Romanian club of the Marianopolis College

CLIC Sargent Foundation (training and written materials)
Happy Times (HTC Healthcare) - Adam Shaw and Fiona Alexander
Health Aid
Welsh volunteers Angharad Davies and Frank Cridland, from Swansea
Luiza Dihoru, volunteer from Bristol
Foundation BACUP
Joshua Foundation
UKCCSG (United Kingdom Children' Cancer Study Group)

Michelle Marinth & Valeria Ivan
French Orchestra, Boston
Oak Foundation

EUROCHILD AISBL (scholarship)
ICCCPO (scholarship)
Sanofi Aventis (Pharmaceuticals)


Agentia de Marketing XARADU
Alexandrion Grup
British Airways
British - American Tobacco Romania
British Embassy
Coca - Cola SA
F. Hoffmann – La Roche Pharma (ROCHE Pharmaceuticals) Romania

Hospice "Casa Sperantei" (training and written materials)
International Women Association of Bucharest
Fundatia Obada si OBADA-TRANS SRL, Otesani, judetul Valcea
Fundatia pentru Copii si Tineret ECOKIND (Gradinita MOREL (www.morel.ro)
Johnson Wax SRL
Karpia Grup Com
Manastirea Hurezi, Sfintii Imparati Constantin si Elena
S.C. Martelli Europe S.R.L.

Mediplus Exim SA
Primaria Generala a Municipiului Bucuresti (Dl. dr. Sorin Oprescu, Primar General)

Microsoft Romania
Mobexpert Group
Novartis Pharmaceuticals
Rafaello - Antefrig
Ratiu Foundation
Romania Data Systems
Sanofi Aventis Romania (Pharmaceuticals)

Theatre "Tandarica"
TATI Group
"Ion Creanga" Theatre

XXL Mega Discount - REWE Romania SRL

Laura Ivancioiu Ionita (from "Deci se poate") for press monitoring

and to all the other donors and private persons who help us.